More guests arrive for Don Ho Hour. Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Annette Kerouac stumble in with their teenage daughter Macadamia after starting their party with neighbors down the hall. Jack doesn't wear a mask because he has made peace with his deformity, although sometimes he does wear TikiPutty™ on his nose.

Jack's wife wears a pious Annette Funicello mask ~ but the funny thing is ~ she really is the ex-Mouseketeer, who was singing in Vegas when the bomb hit ~ and Jack had been traveling by railcar back from Big Sur ~ twenty years ago now, hard to believe.

Sling and Satchmo arrive ~ completely out to lunch since lunch. Satch is a ham radio operator who's been trying to make contact with the outside world. There is polite inquiry on the subject, but he's still embarrassed to report ~ the only contact he's made seems to be that same extraterrestrial pervert who turns the contact into a dirty phone call -: “So what are you wearing now?”

Tonight is the big Kerouakee contest down at the BungHole Lounge where Jack is the bartender. "Let's hit the road!" he says jumpy and keyed-up to go. Nadine brings round a dazzling tray of colorful Rum Leprechauns in TikiWare Go-Cups. Satch offers a ride to Macadamia in his red '55 Thunderbird Coupe.

The rest of the gang squeezes into the back of Bob's '56 Pontiac Safari Stationwagon and the two cars join the parade down Frankie Laine, where elephants, zebras, giraffes ~ and sometimes ostriches ~ roam the streets of old downtown Vegas in a silent sway of animal time and aroma.

It's against the law to injure an old kept creature so the speed limit down Frankie Laine is 3 miles an hour. There are no traffic lights. Just one traffic law.

"Drink and Drive Slow."

Sloshed drivers float slow and aimless with no hurry on their minds :- a parade of stripes, spots, big eyes, twirly tails, muscular legs, something feathery, leathery, something dung, hung.

Hands reach from gleaming metal :- blue, red, yellow & black -: to pet long furry necks and rotund wrinkly asses. Animal curiosity peers into shiny hubcaps to see its own eye and trots over to lick and nuzzle the amorous steel creatures ~: the '49 Humber Hawk, the '46 Fisher, the '47 Monarch, the '51 Roadster, the '60 Nomad, the '57 Jaguar, the '59 Skylark ~ and more delicious than it looks ~ the '55 Beetle.

In their "cher-ry" automobiles with Go-Cups in hand the law abiding citizens of Studebaker Flats sing the BungHole radio jingle ~ written of course by Uncle Tiki:

Ack Dacka Dak
Drive slow Jack
Dak Aka Ack
Drive slow Mack
Drive slow Moe
Slow Hobo
Ride that brake to the old BungHole!

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